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When we want to give life to a fallow garden, we do not always know where to start or how to do it. To carry out your gardening project, here are some indications on the procedure to follow.

Reviving a garden wasteland

Reviving a garden wasteland

Where to start to revive a fallow garden?

If your garden is fallow and you want it reviveit is advisable to start work during the winter. The winter period is long enough to give you time to brush, weed and prepare the soil before spring, which is the ideal season for planting plants.
But before you start big gardening, it's important that you take the time to observe the vegetation that grows in your garden, to learn more about the composition of the soil.
You can then determine which plants to keep, especially among trees and / or shrubs already planted in the garden, so you do not have to start from scratch. In particular, drawing up a garden plan can help you to see things more clearly so that you can organize your ideas more concretely.

The steps to bring back to life a fallow garden

To succeed in bringing back to life a fallow garden, it is important to be patient and not to grill the steps.

After observing a so-called environmental observation phase, it is sometimes preferable to have a soil study carried out in order to know the exact composition and also the quality. The nature of the soil in your garden will help you choose your plants, trees and other plants.

Then, you can start to get rid of trees, shrubs, thorny plants, or weeds that you do not want to keep in your garden. For trees, the use of a chainsaw will be necessary. Do not skip the stump phase, as tree roots can sometimes damage buildings. If you need to destroy brambles, consider using a brushcutter.
In order to destroy all the weeds and to better clean the soil of your garden, you can either use a spade or tillerto cover the earth with cardboard and tarpaulins, to let the microfauna do the work for you.

Finally, before going to the planting stage, you must ensure that the soil of your garden is cleared of any impurities, like pebbles.
As you can see, to give life to a fallow garden, you need both to get some gardening equipment and to follow a number of steps to complete your project.
Once all these steps are over, all you have to do is plant and sow to have the garden of your dreams!

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