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Mineral ceramic material obtained by melting at high temperature silica generally from sand (or quartz, used glass).


Large variation of aspects, shapes, sizes, colors and uses. Can be used in the composition of other types of materials such as crystal or glass wool.

Double and triple glazing. Ice cream. Mirror. Armored glasses. Colorful glasses. Magnifying glass. Opaque glasses. Flat glasses. Tinted glasses...


Good thermal insulation. Optical capabilities (such as magnification) Density and mechanical resistance to shocks more or less important depending on its composition and method of manufacture. Elasticity. Excellent mechanical resistance to compression. Generally transparent. Extremely malleable. Flammable. Raincoat. Imputrescible (since it contains no organic elements). Recyclable. Sensitive to acids.

Uses for the house:

Construction with walls, glass walls, canopies, windows of doors and / or windows...

Other jobs:

Furniture. Decoration. Electric lighting (the glass of the bulb).


Entry of the brightness in the rooms. Aesthetic. Insulating.


Handle with care because the glass is brittle and sharp. May lose transparency over time and prolonged contact with water, stain or discolour under the action of sunlight.

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