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A ceramic hob must have several safety systems for safe use. Heat indicators, emergency stop, anti-overheating system, etc. The complete listing of these security modules is to be followed in this article.

The witnesses of residual heat on vitroceramic hearths

A ceramic hob always has a heat indicator, absolutely essential anti-scalding device. The fireplace glows according to its temperature (the more it is red, the hotter it is). The color disappears only after total cooling of the plate.

Locking the controls of the ceramic hob

Manual locking is an important child safety feature of the ceramic hob. Once engaged, the controls are closed and can not be changed, except in case of voluntary unlocking of cooking parameters by an adult.

Emergency stop, ceramic glass plate safety system

The emergency stop buttons on the ceramic hob are intended to stop the functions immediately of the device. Each home can be stopped separately. A useful module in case of overflow of food on the control buttons.

The timer cuts current ceramic hobs

At the end of the time that has been programmed, the timer automatically cuts the electric current of the vitroceramic fires. In this way, the temperature is maintained during a defined cooking time, which avoids burning the dish.

The hitchhiking of the ceramic hob, a safety anti-forgetful

Hitching or automatic shutdown of the ceramic hob, allows to stop cooking if you forget. An abnormally prolonged use therefore triggers this security system. This avoids burning his dish, but especially to start a fire.

The anti-overflow current cutter for ceramic cooking systems

The anti-overflow current cutout is a safety mechanism that engages automatically. When the pan or pan overflows and when food or liquids reach the control plane, the system immediately cuts off the power to the plate.

The anti-overheating safety of the ceramic hob

The anti-overheating system controls the temperature of the ceramic hob permanently. In case of detection of abnormal overheating of the device, an integrated fan starts automatically and is used to cool it.

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