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Following a micro water leak in the downstairs shower room, the water infiltrated under the slab and emerged in the brick walls. The glass wool is soaked, the bricks appear under the outer coating. The builder does not want to do anything. According to him the glass wool dries all alone but what about bricks? Will my plaster one day regain its original appearance?

You do not specify the date of construction of your house, so the possible possibilities of the game guarantees...

First of all, of course, the problem of leakage must be settled. Declare this water damage to your insurer who will appoint an expert. This one will have to determine the humidity rate of the walls and doublings and to prescribe the necessary repairs. A tempered glass wool loses much of its technical strength and dries very hard "all alone".

As for the brick and plaster they will dry relatively quickly with an electric dehumidifier. The coating must then be scraped or sanded if it is blistered, and partly redone.

Nothing will be able to return to order without important work.

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