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A brilliant painting, as its name indicates, is characterized by its luminous aspect. Formerly, it was the preserve of the water rooms, generally declining in a pristine white. Today, it is found in different colors not only on the walls of other rooms of the house, but also on furniture and woodwork...

Sunny your walls with bright paints!

The main specificity of this painting? It shines and helps to get light effects who "wakes up a room". Easy to clean because it is leachable, the glossy paint is suitable for humid places and areas with heavy traffic.

But the brilliant painting has many other assets. Thanks to its shiny appearance, it gives an impression of volume to a space and an atmosphere of freshness. Beware, however, this bright side has a weak point: the slightest detail is highlighted, in the good sense as in the bad. It is important to emphasize the usefulness of preparing the support for painting, unifying and rebutting any roughness using a smoothing coating. It should be noted that there are now glycerophthalic paints or single-layer paints whose application is easy and do not require a rigorous preparation of the support.

For which room?

Today, bright paintings can be present throughout the house. To visually enlarge the space and add shine to the room, you can "shine" a single piece of wall. We can also adopt the total look for small spaces, taking care to choose the same colors.

Do not hesitate to bet on the brightest and most intense colors that are magnified by the glossy rendering. The choice is, in all cases, possible from a very wide range of tones to satisfy all the fantasies and desires.

Dress up furniture and woodwork

In addition to walls, bright paintings can also dress up furniture and woodwork, highlighting certain details. We can then apply some elements by small key: drawers, frames or appliques. This painting is also effective for sublimate some woodwork, whether skirting boards, moldings or door and window frames.

Depending on the desired effect, you can play the contrast map by combining opposing colors (black and white for example) or make a difference by using two shades of the same shade (dark gray and light gray). The key is to always stay consistent in the decoration to keep a harmonious whole.