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Fixing Glue Rosettes & Moldings Quelyd

The gluing of polystyrene decorative accessories (such as rosette, baguette and molding) requires a specific glue, this material can not be fixed with any glue (solvent-based glues, especially, melting it). Solvent-free acrylic sealant provides an answer to this problem. The same glue can be used for the fixing of polyurethane decorative elements (especially false beams).

In pocket or cartridge

Glue Rosettes & Moldings pocket and cartridge

Glue Rosettes & Moldings pocket and cartridge

Quelyd Glazes & Moldings glue can be used on all types of wall or ceiling mounts (plaster, concrete, concrete blocks, brick, cement, wood, tiles), etc. It is available in two formats depending on the needs:

  • in soft pocket, easy to use, without pistol, easy to open and economical (96% of the product can be used)
  • in cartridge to paste your rosettes and moldings, making it possible to catch the irregularities.

Preparation of the support
The supports and materials must be healthy, clean and dry.
  • In your pocket: place a bead of glue or studs on the back of the accessory to be glued. Apply the object and position it by dragging it. Press strongly for 30 seconds.
  • In cartridge: cut the end of the cannula diagonally with a cutter. Screw the cannula onto the cartridge. Place the cartridge in the extruder gun. Put a bead of putty on the back of the object. Apply the object and press strongly for about ten seconds.

Warning: the surface on which the object will be glued must be absorbent (wood, plaster, cement, brick, etc.).
Pocket: 9 m cord
Cartridge: 15 m cord
The fresh glue is cleaned immediately with a damp sponge.
The dry glue should be sanded.

Characteristics of Quelyd Rosettes & Moldings Glue

  • Glue for polyurethane and polystyrene materials
  • All media
  • For small decorative objects
  • Catch up with irregularities
  • Can paint itself
  • Destination: interior exclusively
  • Fast setting: 10 seconds
  • Preservation: 18 months in closed original packaging, stored in a dry room between + 10° C and + 30° C. Fear the frost.
  • Packaging: 180 ml bag and 310 ml cartridge

Fixing Glue Rosettes & Moldings Quelyd: rosettes

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