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I have a cracked tiles and some tiles broken by plates on the surface on an outdoor terrace of 20 m² facing south. Is it possible to glue the tile over? I am told resin to put before to have a good seal and a good collage of tiles. Which resin should I use? PS: the tiles have been laid for 20 years and no tile is coming off.

If your tiles are very damaged, you can actually cover them with new tiles. In theory, you can stick tile tiles with a good adhesive mortar for outdoors. Nevertheless, it is always preferable to create a cement mortar screed (as explained in our sheet CEMENT MORTAR ON ANCIENT SOIL) in order to rehabilitate this old soil if it has become irregular. This screed will be made only after degreasing and dusting of the soil. A light sanding followed by the application of a layer of adhesion primer will allow a better grip of the screed. If the floor is not very uneven, you can also settle for a patch for the outside.

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