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Glycerophtalic paints


Oil-based, such as linseed oil, or a synthetic resin called akyde resin.


Tray, brush, brush, gun, roll. In one thick layer or two thin layers.

On which supports:

Wood, plaster, metals, plaster.

Uses for the house:

Interior, for walls and ceilings, and exterior.

Especially suitable for rooms with high humidity and intensive use as the kitchen or bathroom.


Belong to the family of oil paintings.

Leachable. Drying time quite long to the touch more or less 5 hours. What can be an advantage as a disadvantage, offers the time and the possibility of retouching the defects but increases the risks of impregnation of objects or volatile impurities.

Finishing aspect:

Smooth and shiny.


Very wide variety of colors with matte or satin hues. In underlay, in monolayer without coulures,


Good hiding power. Raincoat. Mechanical resistance to shocks and scratches.


Strong odors, especially in the pose. Contains polluting solvents. Yellows in the absence of light.

To wash instruments after use:

White spirit.

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