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Following the fall of an old stone wall, I would like to know the material to use to go up this wall (mortar or lime?)

Let's first remember what a mortar is: it is a mixture of a binder (which may be cement or lime) of very fine sand and water. The bastard mortar consists of two binders (lime + cement) to take advantage of the technical characteristics of both products.

You do not specify if the wall is outside or inside, important criterion because it determines the role of the joints: technical (tightness and solidity of the construction) or decorative. In the first case we will opt for a bastard mortar (1/2 volume of cement + 1/2 volume of lime + 3 volumes of sand), in the second one will be able to make a mortar simply based on lime. The stone wall card describes the method of assembling country stones.

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