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I just redone the walls of the kitchen with a lime paint (TADLACK) that I covered with water repellent wax. Problem: In some places, grease stains have already been crossed. So I'm looking for an oil-repellent wax, but can you first tell me how I can remove the water repellent wax where I want to put oil repellent. I received a sample of a MAIS oil repellent for porous tiles. Can I try on my lime paint? Complicated all that...

You discover here the "charms" of these decorative coatings whose place is more in the living room than in a kitchen or a bathroom...

This type of coating is normally covered with a glaze or varnish to avoid this kind of inconvenience. If grease stains have already penetrated the lime you will not be able to eliminate them. I'm afraid the application of a stripper to remove your wax is catastrophic in color. My solution would be to gently rub the wax with a steel wool pad 000, to remove it gradually. Then you can pass a layer of transparent resin that will offer a total seal to water and grease and will be much more convenient to clean than a wax. I absolutely do not guarantee you the result of the operation. Drive it first in a discreet place.

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