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Grate the wood

The rasp is, with the planer, a crushing tool, which takes a small portion of the wood through a passageway. Stings on the blade create a series of small teeth that bite the wood to collect particles forming sawdust. There are three types of stings: fine, medium and big. There are flat graters on both sides, flat on one side and rounded on the other, or cylindrical (rat-tail).

To use a rasp properly, the workpiece must first be securely locked in a vise or in a bench press. The tool will be held with one hand by the handle and the other by the end of the blade. The abrasion of the wood is done by the reciprocating movement of the tool, slightly inclined, pressing lightly on the outward and easing the pressure on the return. The cleaning of the bites is done with a wire brush.

Grate the wood

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Grate the wood: Grate wood

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