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GRDF informs you about the benefits of natural gas

GRDF (Gas Distribution Network France) is the main distributor of natural gas in France. As part of its public service missions, GRDF operates, maintains, maintains and develops the natural gas distribution network and transports natural gas in the municipalities it serves, safely, to 11 million customers, regardless of their energy supplier.
As part of its public service missions, GRDF also informs you about natural gas and its uses for you. to make the right choices Attention GRDF does not sell or install any equipment.

GRDF informs you about the benefits of natural gas

In partnership with GrDF

Natural gas, an energy full of strengths

Natural gas has many advantages. First of all, it's one of the most competitive energies in the market:

GRDF informs you about the benefits of natural gas: grdf

Comparison of annual bills of 3 identical houses over 15 years, each heated with a different energy ***

So you can save almost 500 euros (1513-1046 = 467 euros) per year by switching to natural gas thanks to the competitiveness of natural gas and efficient and modern natural gas heating solutions.
Natural gas is also a future energy that can be coupled with renewable energies, perfectly meeting the requirements of tomorrow's housing. Natural gas can also come from a renewable energy source: biomethane (or biogas), product of the decomposition of waste that can be injected into the network.
To benefit from the most relevant natural gas heating solution for you, GRDF and its natural gas specialists can inform you about:

  • efficient natural gas solutions
  • public aid available, subject to meeting the conditions of eligibility
GRDF experts inform you to find the best solutions to change the boiler at lower cost, to renovate your gas heating, build a house connected to natural gas or just to switch to natural gas. Feel free to contact them !

Discover the condensing gas boiler

The natural gas condensing boiler is the central piece of equipment for a high-performance installation with many advantages for the user.
In fact, the condensing boiler allows you to benefit from constant heating comfort even in very cold weather, while allowing you to save energy.
How is it possible ? The condensing gas boiler operates as follows: gas burns to generate heat, then, during the combustion of the gas, the device captures the fumes produced and cools them for maximum heat before rejecting them.
This type of boiler thus recuperates the latent heat contained in the steam of the fumes, which allows you to obtain a yield superior to 100% * and to benefit up to 20% of energy savings ** compared to a standard boiler.
Thanks to this mode of operation, the condensing gas boiler guarantees you to reach and maintain a constant efficiency during the heating period, making you benefit from a reliable, stable and therefore very comfortable heating solution.
Finally, the installation of a condensing boiler with natural gas is eligible for public aid: zero rate loan, tax credits, reduced rate VAT... so many aids for a lower investment for consumers.
Opting for such equipment, so enjoy a warm and enveloping warmth even in the middle of winter, without weighing on your wallet!

For more information on natural gas and its equipment, do not hesitate to contact a GRDF expert.

Legal Notice:
(*) Source: Ademe-Mode of heating in individual housing - December 2014
(**) Source: Ademe - Performance boilers - October 2015
Energy prices: annual averages 2001-2015.
Subscriptions included (for the electric solution, differential subscription of 12 kVA double rate / 6kVA single rate).
(1) Standard boiler from the years 1988 - 2000. For the natural gas boiler, consumption assumption of about ~ 20 MWhPCS; for the oil-fired boiler, an assumption of consumption of about 2,000 liters of fuel oil;
(2) Convectors + Electric tank> 15 years old. Consumption hypothesis of about 14 MWh of electricity.
Energy is our future, save it !

(photos / visuals: © GRDF, except special mention)

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