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Do you know the Verdura system from Eternit that allows to install a green roof directly on an existing roof? I have an inverted roof in fiber cement (asbestos), and I ask myself the question of this type of development that allows (in theory) to: - better isolate (thermal + phonic), - avoid recycling asbestos fiber cement that is in good condition (it was recently audited, its estimated life is still 50 or 60 years...)

This system, quite simple to implement, seems to be interesting. It includes the Verdura profiled sheets (waterproofing and support) and a revegetation by pre-cultivated tanks with a water supply called Hydropack. The company Eternit, which markets this system offers customers a downloadable project study sheet that you will find on the website ETERNIT. The only parameter to check before you start is the strength of your frame, which if it turns out to be too light may not support this overweight.

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