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To be able to enjoy your plants or your garden all year long, greenhouse cultivation is the ideal way, especially through the tunnel type garden greenhouse which has the advantage of being simple to use and easy to use. exist in different shapes and sizes.

What are tunnel garden greenhouses used for?

The main use of tunnel-type garden greenhouses is that they protect plants from bad weather and extreme temperatures. By choosing these types of greenhouses, you allow your plants and crops to thrive by taking advantage of natural light while being protected from cold, frost and pests.
Whether vegetable crops or fragile plants requiring special acclimatization, the tunnel greenhouse can accommodate different forms of crops requiring protection to grow even at the coldest times of the year. It is thus possible to harvest fruits and vegetables from his vegetable garden all winter!

Little trick: place the greenhouse in one place sunny and orient the length to the south so that the arches cast their shadow on the garden.

The characteristics of tunnel type garden greenhouses

The tunnel type garden greenhouse consists of a steel frame on which is fixed a transparent plastic canvas.
Compared to traditional greenhouses, the rigidity of the tunnel greenhouse allows a simple use of it because it mounts quickly and moves easily. In addition, the tunnel greenhouse remains the most economical way to protect its plants all year long.

It is possible to adapt your greenhouse to your needs. This is the point of this product because there are different models such as:

  • the rigid forcing tunnel that protects crops from frost and pests;
  • the accordion tunnel that folds and unfolds to enlarge or reduce the surface of the greenhouse as needed;
  • the perforated forcing film tunnel that prevents the earth from drying out and allows light to pass through.

In particular, there is large vegetable greenhouses which can reach 2m, allowing to stand inside.
The canvas tunnel tunnel is certainly practical but it is not resistant to the wind. Reinforcement of the plastic coating and the steel reinforcement is then possible on some products, which allows a more stable wind resistance.

The price range of tunnel type garden greenhouses

The diversity of tunnel greenhouses makes it possible to find different models for all budgets. This can to go from 10 euros for a 4m accordion tunnel greenhouse at 760 euros for an 18m tunnel greenhouse with reinforced reinforcement and a double layer of cover.

If you do not have room to install a large greenhouse, think of mini greenhouses, ideal for small spaces!

Video Instruction: How to Build a High-Tunnel Greenhouse