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This cordless machine completes the range of 18 volt grinders in the "One +" series. A concept based on the separate purchase of a power tool (without batteries) and two batteries with charger.

Battery grinder


Maker: Ryobi
Reference: CAG-180M
Nominal voltage: 18 volts, Ni-Cd battery of 1.7 Ah
No load speed: 0 - 7000 rpm
Ø grinding wheel: 115 mm
Bore grinding: 22.2 mm
Thread spindle: M 14
Weight: 3.1 kg with battery
Accessory delivered: 1 disc to deburr
Sound level: 80 dB (A)
Price generally found: 61Euros (eco-tax included and excluding special offers)

In use

Getting started

The "One +" range consists of a pack of two 18-volt batteries with fast charger (charged 80.20 Euros) and various machines sold without batteries, in order to reduce the cost. Seventeen new models were added to the seventeen models launched in 2006, including this ø 115 mm grinder.

To work in any position, the machine has a swivel guard and a three-position auxiliary handle. The battery can rotate 270° in four positions. Even through the protective gloves, we feel that the rubberized coating prevents slippage during work. The two-way trigger and its unlocking button can be maneuvered without difficulty. already important for a small machine, the weight does not prevent a great precision of the gesture.

When introducing the new machine, the manufacturer mainly talks about metal work (cutting, trimming, surfacing...). In this field, the grinder is effective: we cut into small pieces of rebars with a cutting disc, as if it were a classic model sector. Digging a small groove to prepare a weld on thick sections remains in his skills and the deburring of a weld bead poses no problem.

Side autonomy, working time can go from fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the type of grinding wheel or disc used. A thin cutting disc consumes less energy than a large grinding wheel, especially if you press hard on the grinding wheel. The fact of having at least two batteries (original pack) allows in most cases to continue his work without being blocked by the cooldown (one hour).

On the other hand, in the face of construction materials, power and especially autonomy are put to the test. No worries to cut terra cotta tiles with a diamond disc. But the machine runs out of steam quickly by cutting blocks. The power gives you a perfect cut for five minutes... then the battery starts to heat up because of the over-consumption of energy and you have to change the battery to let it cool down. Do not rely on fast charging in these conditions because you have to let the battery cool down first!


  • The freedom of wireless.
  • The 18 volts are enough for the metal and the machine is a reasonable cost if you already have other portable power of this series "One +".

The lessers

Our restrictions on the use of the grinder on construction materials reduce the usual versatility of this type of machine.

Our opinion

This additional range will be appreciated by those who already have the "Energy Pack" (two batteries + charger) and other machines of this series. For others, the "entrance ticket" is high (80.20 Euros the energy pack + 61 Euros the grinder).

Metal work

Metal work

Metal work is his favorite field. If the battery is well charged, there is nothing to repel it: cutting thick sections or rebars, deburring a weld seam.

Chopped off

Chopped off

With a diamond disc, cut a tile or even tile is fast enough. Perform short work sessions as the batteries become hot during heavy use.