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 The ground floor, real estate on the rise.

While the real estate market is still very expensive, homes on the ground floor are more and more sought after. Their attractive rates make them particularly interesting especially for large families looking for large areas and for "first time buyers" with a limited budget. In addition, some ground floors like the ground garden offer the luxury of enjoying a private garden, or a second level in the basement as souplex. Mirror with larks or bargain? This week, HandymanDudimanche offers some ideas for you to make your own opinion on the ground floor.

Advantages and disadvantages of the ground floor.

If the ground floor is so successful, it is primarily thanks to the significant savings they can achieve, starting with their purchase price, 20% cheaper on average than in the floors. In the longer term, homeowners will be charged less than other residents of the building and will not be involved in any expenses incurred by the elevator.

Advantages and disadvantages of the ground floor.

In addition, the ground floor is a boon for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, which avoids stairs and elevators, rarely accessible in wheelchairs. Finally, it is much easier to move by passing one's business directly through the ground floor window than into a cramped elevator or stairwell. On the other hand, the ground floor has some disadvantages such as lack of light, noise and feeling of insecurity coupled with the lack of a respondent especially when windows are well established. Note however that this is not the case for all the accommodations located on the ground floor.

The garden level.

The ground garden are apartments located on the ground floor, giving partly or entirely on a closed private garden, more or less bulky. Highly sought after in large cities, they are particularly popular with large families and nature lovers who can thus afford the luxury of enjoying a square of greenery. Unlike the traditional ground floor, this type of property is priced at gold prices, with a premium of about 30% compared to the floors. Note however that this type of housing is particularly exposed to burglaries. In addition, the outdoor areas of the ground garden are unfortunately often exposed to the sight and ears of many of your neighbors and at the same time to any waste thrown by the windows. Finally, it is worth noting that even if you are an owner, you will not be able to do everything that he sings in your little piece of land without having the agreement of the co-ownership for example to install a garden shed or swimming pool.

The souplex.

The garden level

The word souplex is a neologism invented by real estate professionals to design apartments on the ground floor with a floor in the basement. In other words, an inverted duplex, which is presented as an atypical surface, or a loft. Beware the lower levels of souplex sometimes turn out to be cellars or technical rooms more or less well equipped living rooms. If these new types of housing offer the advantage of being much cheaper to buy than conventional apartments, about 30% less, they suffer from many defects that are hard to ignore. Indeed, most rooms in the basement are dark, poorly ventilated and sometimes wet, unsavory conditions to live on a daily basis, not to mention the risk of infiltration or worst flood. In addition, in some cases it is illegal to use your basement as a home, so check this out before you buy. Finally, note that this type of duplex is likely to be difficult to sell.

If you still hesitate to invest in a beautiful apartment on the ground floor, know that there are many tips to preserve its privacy. For example, you can put stickers without color on your windows, install curtains or breezes seen in front of your windows.

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