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To enjoy fresh mushrooms throughout the year, you can grow at home. There are different species that flourish well indoors, it all depends on the space you have. Here are some tips to grow and care for your mushrooms over the seasons.

Grow mushrooms at home

Grow mushrooms at home

The varieties of mushrooms to grow oneself

Before grow mushrooms at homeyou have to understand how it develops in culture. The fungus grows from microscopic spores to be placed in potting soil or substrate. It feeds on organic matter via the mycelium and produces humus.

To grow mushrooms at home, it is advisable to choose, at first, a variety of resistant mushrooms, which require less attention.

For beginners, white-headed mushrooms do the job perfectly (mushroom, shiitake, strophaire, lepiot...). They are easy to grow and the harvest is plentiful. Those with a green thumb will be able to engage in the culture of oyster or the morel which are more delicate mushrooms.

What substrate to grow a mushroom?

Once the type of mushroom has been chosen, comes the time of purchase of the substrate. This mixture of spores and nutrients is essential for the development of the plant. To grow mushrooms at home, you have to insert mushroom white and composted manure in a small wooden crate. Ideally, the size of the mushroom should have a depth of about fifteen centimeters.

All of these elements are found in specialized garden centers, but there is a more practical and quick idea to grow mushrooms at home: the mushroom kit.

Mushrooms ready to grow

To facilitate the cultivation of mushrooms, you can find ready-to-use mushroom kits from specialist stores. These are culture bags previously mixed and ready to receive mushroom white by injection, knowing that there is already a hole provided for this purpose. The mushrooms then grow rapidly in the boxes and the harvest is done by cutting the container.

Where to grow your mushrooms?

Your mushrooms will flourish better in one place protected from light and heat. You will be able to place the culture bags or crates in an airy, humid, dark and cool environment. The temperature must be between 12 and 16° C. A dark basement like a cellar is perfect, provided that this place is airy.

Temperature and aeration are two prerequisites for good mushroom cultivation. Maintaining a constant temperature between 12° and 14° is ideal for the proper development of mushrooms.

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