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The GSM alarm works on the principle of an intruder alarm, but it does not just ring. A phone call is also sent to a telephone number of your choice to warn the owner of the intrusion.

What is a GSM alarm?

The GSM alarm is composed of:

  • From a central who controls the entire alarm system of the house.
  • Detectors. These can be opening detectors but also motion detectors. They are triggered as soon as a door or window is opened, or as soon as a movement is detected.
  • A siren. This is intended to deter burglars and make them leave the place of burglary. It also warns neighbors who can call the police.
  • From a GSM transmitter who contacts a pre-designated person to prevent it from burglary. This GSM transmitter operates either via a SIM card (similar to those found in mobile phones), or via a telephone line or an ADSL line.

How does a GSM alarm work?

The GSM alarm allows you to intervene in case of alarm even if you are not at home at the time of the supposed intrusion.

As for a conventional intruder alarm, the opening detectors of your GSM alarm are composed of an electronic element and a magnetic element. If the magnetic field breaks, the alarm will sound.

Motion detectors may be ultrasonic detectors, infra-red detectors or photoelectric detectors. Once the alarm has sounded, the information flows to a GSM transmitter.

The GSM transmitter is preconfigured: you must record in advance a voice message or SMS that will be sent to you at the time of the intrusion. In other cases, the signal can be sent to a remote monitoring company that can call the police for intervention.

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