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In the context of a major mess on the tiles (rings hollow on the RDV) that I reported there are now 4 months back, and since the receipt of work was signed in March 2009. I had the visit of the manager who built the house. This one advises me to make work insurance of the damage work and not that of the perfect completion of the work. When do you think? What should he do, so far he has started his OOD insurance.

If the reception took place in March 2009, it is the guarantee of perfect completion that comes into play, since it lasts one year from this reception. Especially since you have reported the defect in the course of this year. The DO (property damage insurance) does not take effect until the end of the period of perfect completion. It seems that your builder is trying to save time to reach this date and discard the DO instead of doing the work itself... Do not drag to send him a registered letter with AR. In any case you can only play the damage insurance book... since you are the insured!

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