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These new accessories help guide jigsaw and circular saws in straight cuts more efficiently.

Wolfcraft FSK115 Saw Guide


Maker: Wolfcraft

For circular saw

  • References: FSK115
  • Price generally found: 69 Euros (extension 59 Euros)
  • Maximum dimensions of the saw flange: 200 x 385 mm
  • Distance between the blade and the left edge of the sole: 85 mm
  • Length of the rail: 1,150 mm
  • Max stroke: 110 cm (manufacturer) 100 cm (noticed)

For jigsaw

  • References: PSD250
  • Price generally found: 59 Euros
  • Maximum dimensions of the saw flange: 77 x 175 mm
  • Width of the sole (to benefit from the splinterguard): 68 mm
  • Maximum stroke: 400 mm
  • Max capacity width x thickness: 300 x 40 mm

In use

Getting started

Available for a few months, these two cutting guides of the same brand are intended for two types of machines: one for the circular saw, the other for the jigsaw. The first is a versatile version of the devices specific to each brand. The second is unique. It is intended to replace the miter saw during layout work.

Both devices work on the same principle: the saw is keyed on a plate (black plastic) that slides on a rail (aluminum), which guides the blade flush with a splinter-proof rubber. The circular saw guide (FSK115) comes down to these elements. On the jigsaw guide (PSD250), the rail pivots transversely ± 50° on a plastic support that incorporates a large clamp-type clamp. The device serves to hold the work to block it under the rail.

On the FSK115, installing the saw is fast. On the PSD250, the eccentric setting is more delicate. More annoying, the outer eccentric is too short to place the blade flush with the fender with a sole of width less than 68 mm. On both guides, the saw is keyed on the plate, but not clamped. Advantage: it is instantly put in place or removed. Disadvantage: in use, it must be carefully plated. The machine being raised by the plate, its tilting axis no longer coincides with the surface of the wood: a change of cutting angle therefore requires repositioning.

The FSK115 works quite well, but the manufacturer's 110 m run is optimistic: you have to take the platen out of the rail beyond one of the set screws, which results in a loss of accuracy. An extension rail is offered as an option... not negligible in this case.

The guidance of the PSD250 lacks precision, especially if the cut is less than 35 mm from the end of the wood. Better still book a new blade to this device: in case of asymmetrical wear (frequent after scalloped cuts), it will not prevent it from deflecting.



  • Good guiding quality
  • Precise sliding adjustment
  • Rail equipped with anti-slip pads
  • Clamp clamps included in the price.


  • Good cutting ability even in miter cuts
  • Angles of miter cuts from +50 to -50°
  • Allen key provided.

The lessers


  • Rail rather short
  • Calibration legs a little sketchy
  • Allen key for fine adjustment not included.


  • Slow sliding (no adjustment screw)
  • Fixation of the saw perfectible.

Our opinion

The FSK115 will satisfy all machine owners without adequate guiding systems. It remains less manageable than a rail directly under the saw.

The PSD250 is an innovative and practical device. But do not expect a miracle: it will not make a jigsaw a precision tool.

Sawing Guide FSK115

Sawing Guide FSK115

With the FSK115, cutting a mediocre plywood with an ordinary blade leaves no significant glare (even across).

PSD250 sawing guide

PSD250 sawing guide

The manufacturer suggests using PSD250 freehand or ground-mounted. In use, it is better to clamp it to the bench (the place of clamps is provided).

Video Instruction: wolfcraft - FKS 115 Guide de scie circulaire universel (Réf. 6910000)