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A pierced gutter is always an annoying problem because leaks are inevitable and the flow of rainwater can eventually damage the walls. Whether it is a zinc gutter or PVC, you must react without delay and plug the crack... How to proceed?

Gutter breakthrough: what to do?

Gutter breakthrough: what to do?

Gutter breakthrough: to repair as soon as possible

Since we see a gutter damaged or crackedit is necessary to intervene quickly to repair it. Even if the temptation to seal with putty is great, you should know that this is usually only a temporary solution, to achieve until the portion that is damaged. Attention, it is necessary to intervene in good weather and to make sure that it will not rain in the two days to come not to spoil in vain all the efforts provided.

Repair a pierced gutter: small leaks

Before starting any repairs, first clean the area to be treated and sand if necessary. Depending on the situation, it is even possible to use alcohol to get rid of grease and dirt, but also to better understand the extent of the leak.
If it is very small, putting putty may be appropriate, but there is a risk that the hole will expand over time. It is then necessary to use "special cover" putty to be applied with a spatula. The product needs 24 hours to dry well. So check the weather so you do not have to repeat the same operation.
As for safety, precautions should be taken especially if the gutter is in height. It is advisable to use a safe ladder to avoid falling or to involve a professional specialist who will perform the work in compliance with all standards. He can also check the condition of other gutters and provide a solution adapted to the situation.

The case of the zinc gutter

If it is a zinc gutter, different solutions can be considered. Given the complexity of the operations, it is better to entrust the task to a specialist. The first alternative is tin welding, which is carried out after pickling the surface. Then there is the bitumen repair which consists of covering the gutter with layers of bitumen coating (by providing many hours of laying between each application). We can also seal the smallest holes with a putty " special zinc ».
Once again, it should be noted that in case of gaping hole or big crack, the only solution is the replacement of the part of gutter which is pierced.

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