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Modern material, flexible and cheap: focus on PVC. Thanks to its simplicity of use, the PVC gutter is installed under many roofs. But until when? Back on the PVC gutter, its aesthetics and its characteristics.

Aesthetics of the PVC gutter

PVC is a plastic whose coloring process is simple. As a result, the PVC gutter is available in a wide range of colors. This wide choice of colors makes it possible to adapt the color of the gutter to the color of the facade, making it almost transparent or, on the contrary, very visible.

The PVC gutter is only available in the hanging gutter. Its shape, its color, its dimensions as well as its fixing process on the roof are thought according to the architecture and the layout of the roof.

What are the characteristics of the PVC gutter?

The PVC gutter has many advantages as well as disadvantages. His characteristics:

  • the PVC gutter is the least expensive; its price is its main asset
  • PVC is a soft and lightweight material
  • the flexibility of this material allows it to be worked by both professionals and individuals: easy to use, the PVC gutter installs easily
  • PVC offers a good corrosion resistance
  • PVC allows a wide choice of colors, whimsical as natural

The low price of PVC and its ease of installation are its main advantages. But PVC is also a material with little weather resistance. High temperatures, frost or snow can easily destroy PVC gutters. In this sense, they have an average life of 10 to 15 years. It is common that the gutters crack with time but they are not repairable.

How to install a PVC gutter?

PVC is a flexible material and very easy to use. In this sense, PVC gutters can easily be installed by individuals.

These are usually easy-to-fit gutters that fit together. To install them: simply insert them and then stick them and ensure their tightness with a silicone seal.

Video Instruction: Cutting the PVC pipe for The GUTTER THING