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Gutters are items that require regular maintenance and repairs. It is not uncommon to see failures, leaks gutters are part of the problems that come up occasionally.

Gutter leaking, what to do?

Gutter leaking, what to do?

Leaking gutters, causes

Gutters are constantly in contact with the weather: rain, snow, frost, wind. Depending on the material of the gutter, water can eat, weaken, disassemble or take off the elements that constitute it. The seals can also be damaged.

A small leak is never trivial. A small hole in the gutter, if it is not clogged, can quickly pass from drip to torrent and thus push you to completely change your gutter system.

Leaking gutters, repairs

The least serious cause is undoubtedly the disassembled elements. In this case it is sufficient to repack all the elements between them and pour water with a watering can to verify that everything is well put back in place.

In the case of a worn and loose fitting, it is a question of cleaning and degreasing the parts concerned and to re-glue them with a special glue that you will find in the hardware stores or DIY stores. If the parties are unsold, call on a craftsman who will address this problem professionally.

There are patching patches sold in specialty stores that you can use on different materials such as copper, brass or zinc.

Attention, when you make a repair at height, take care to respect scrupulously the basic rules of security.

Leaking gutters, clogging in question

Clogging must be practiced on a small leak, be it a hole or a fault. Unfortunately, if the diameter is large, it must proceed without waiting for its change.

Clogging is not a sustainable solution, it will be necessary to make a change in the months that follow.

1) Broadly brush the area to be sealed
2) Sand finely around the hole, then dust and degrease with alcohol to burn
3) Apply a layer of putty, inside the gutter, spread it with a spatula
4) Place a piece of glass veil over the fault and press and then apply the sealant again.

All must dry 24h, proceed in dry weather!

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