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Discrete and efficient, the eavestrough eaves, will protect with great elegance the walls and foundations of your home from the fallout of rainwater. Despite a certain aestheticism, the Le Havre gutter nevertheless can not be installed on all roofs. Let's discover his strengths and weaknesses.

The characteristics of the Le Havre gutter

The gutter Havre with the gutter Nantes is part of creeping gutters. That is, they are installed directly on the bottom of the rampant (the bottom of the roof). They differ from the hanging gutters that are hung at the edge of the board.
Le Havre gutters are also called Ardennes gutters or rouennaise gutters.

The Le Havre gutter is like a pipe with a rounded vertical survey at the base. It is this roundness that differentiates it from the gutter of Nantes and gives it greater efficiency. It's also what makes it more classic...
The end of the statement ends with a open cylindrical hem.
She often has a clip. The part against the tiles is then bent to avoid rising water.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Le Havre gutter

  • The advantages of the Le Havre gutter:

It can land in property limit since they do not exceed the roof.
She is discreet. A little less than his sister the gutter of Nantes but much more than a hanging gutter.
With its rounded shape, it is almost as powerful as a half-round hanging gutter for evacuate water from heavy rains.
In winter, it can hold snow.
For cleaning, you can place a ladder directly above the gutter.

  • The disadvantages of the Le Havre gutter:

It can only be installed on a roof with a sufficiently large slope. The back of the gutter should be higher than the hem placed in front.
It can only land on a sloping roof with flat tiles.
In case of overflow, the water will run directly on the wall.
The Le Havre gutter is relatively expensive. You find it between 50 to 60 € the 4 m.

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