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Gutters are so much part of the scenery that you end up not noticing them. They are useful, however. They are the ones that prevent your walls and the basement of your house from being wet with rainwater. A good gutter must be adapted to your climate. The Lyon gutter, solid and robust will perfectly fulfill its role and not only in the Lyon region...

The gutters of Lyon

The gutters of Lyon

The gutter of Lyon is a hanging gutter

Like all the hanging gutters, the gutter of Lyon is located under the sewer of the roof that is to say under the lower part of the slope of the roof.
This type of gutter is also the most common.
Installed thus at the end of the roof, during the vacuum, it must be robust. The material that composes it must be thick and held by strong hooks.

The Lyon gutter is a half-round gutter

The shape of the Lyon gutter is a half-round gutter.
However, compared to the latter, it has a reinforced hem to increase its rigidity. That is to say that the top of the outer part is hemmed, returned to itself in the form of a coil.
It generally includes a clip. The internal part (house side) is bent more than 135° which gives it hold and prevents upwellings.
It is therefore a more robust gutter shape than his half-round sister.

Where to install the gutter Lyon?

To receive the water flowing from the roof, it is fixed by hooks under the roof:

  • On the board of banks or possibly on a headband.
  • On the rafters of the frame.
  • Sure the last tiles.
  • More rarely, directly on the wall.

The gutter Lyon is suitable for any roof: Terracotta tiles, slates, steel tray, shingle, fiber cement, etc.
On the other hand, as it protrudes from the roof, you can not install it as a creeping gutter.

In which material to choose the gutter Lyon?

Unlike creeping gutters, the choice of materials for hanging gutters in general and lyonnaise in particular is important:

  • The most classic and proven, zinc.
  • The ultimate, copper.
  • The most solid, steel.
  • Economical but less solid in time, PVC.
  • Light but strong, aluminum.
  • New children, composite materials.

The gutter of Lyon is perfect for areas of high rainfall. Its semicircle profile facilitates the flow of rainwater. It is strong enough to withstand accumulation of snow.
The gutter Lyon, a gutter foolproof...

Video Instruction: Green Oak Gutters, Inc - South Lyon, MI