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Gutters have a vital role among roof elements. They allow the evacuation of rainwater which without them would trickle on the walls and would end up generating infiltrations. The gutters of Nantes called laval gutters will recover the water of your roof with discretion and elegance.

The characteristics of the gutter of Nantes

The gutters of Nantes or laval are part of the family of creeping gutters. That is, they are based on a cornice or directly on the crawling level of the tiles. We can say that they "crawl" on the edge of the roof compared to the hanging gutters that as their name suggests hang!

The gutter of Nantes which is presented as a pipe with a vertical survey forming an acute angle.

  • When the angle is 70°, she is gutter Nantes.
  • When the angle is 90°, she is gutter laval.

For both, the end of the statement ends with an open cylindrical hem.
They can also have a clip. The part against the tiles is then bent to avoid rising water.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Nantes gutters

Although very aesthetic, they can not adapt everywhere:

  • The advantages of the Nantes gutters:

Discreet, they fit particularly well to a roof with slate flat tiles.
They can land on the property line since they do not extend beyond the roof.
For cleaning, you can place a ladder directly above the gutter.

  • The disadvantages of the Nantes gutters:

With their angular shape, the gutters of Nantes or laval do not have a very high flow of water evacuation.
The performances of the Le Havre gutter, which is the other type of creeping gutter, are much more important.
In addition, the slope of the roof must be large enough so that the rear of the gutter is higher than the hem placed in front.
They can only land on sloping roofs with flat tiles like slate.
The choice of materials is much less than for a hanging gutter. Most are zinc or possibly prepainted aluminum.
The price of a gutter Nantes is around 40 to 50 € the 4 m.

Video Instruction: Eusa vivo Nantes 2016