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Héliodome is a unique passive house whose prototype located in Alsace, emulates in France as in Switzerland. Overview of a space entirely carved by the sun, designed by a talented cabinet maker. If received ideas, can take some shade, light on its thousand facets!

The Heliodome, a surprising solar house

The Heliodome, a surprising solar house

The heliodome, in osmosis with the race of the sun

Large sparkling shell lying on the grass, the arachnoid architecture of Heliodome surprises the day and captivates the night. In contrast to traditional constructions, this architectural volume adapts to the trajectory of the sun in its daily and annual cycle. Result, it captures the solar energy in winter and preserves the summer.

Indeed, its structure is based on a diamond crossed by two diagonals that marry the race of the sun from sunrise to sunset, each season. The north face, where the sloped roof is, welcomes the path of the sun at the winter solstice while the glass facade to the south, marries that of the summer solstice.

The reason is simple. In our latitudes, the sun describes a south-east / south-west arc in the winter, remaining low on the horizon. His radiation then floods the interior space of the building, optimizing the light output and its heat capacity.

In summer, the sun moves along a north-east / north-west axis, positioning itself very high in the sky. In this case, its radiation touches only the south glazed face without penetrating, to preserve the inner freshness.

Heliodome, to the rhythm of nature and time

It is obvious that Heliodome adapts to latitude. Modular, it will be more elongated in the northern regions and more upright near the tropics. This puts an end to heliocentrism in favor of a geocentrism that translates as accurately as possible our perception of the earth, Nature and time. Its shape is reminiscent of the ancestral sundial, And it is not a hazard!

Bioclimatic solar house made of wood, glass and concrete, Heliodome is a reconciliation of man with nature. But it is well anchored in the future and is part of a sustainable development approach. Heating and air conditioning systems are banned, representing nearly 80% energy savings.
Perfect thermal and sound insulation, impeccable acoustics... If the sun gives the the, it is up to you to carve your interior by becoming the architect of your comfort.

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