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October 31 and its procession of frightening monsters will soon ring on our doorstep. But this year for Halloween you are in the starting blocks. Find in this article some ideas to decorate your house and turn it into a manor of hell!

Halloween: some ideas for decorating your home

Halloween: some ideas for decorating your home

Halloween: decorative ideas for the outside of the house

For your Halloween decor, focus your efforts on your garden and / or balcony. Indeed, Halloween is primarily an outdoor party as children move from door to door to claim their treats.

Our advice: mix the inevitable Jack-O'-lantern pumpkin skeletons, witches and ghosts. Surreal glaucous atmosphere or accumulation of monsters with a rather nice and good-natured appearance? It's up to you to choose based on your aspirations and the tone you want to give to the party.

  • In any case, do not forget pumpkin! This decorative element inspired by an Irish tale is a hallmark of Halloween.
  • recreate a cemetery in your garden with the help of some fake crosses and tombstones made of wooden planks and painted cardboard.
  • do not forget to decorate your windows. Some monstrous silhouettes glued to the windows will quickly make their little effect at nightfall.

Decorate the interior of a house for Halloween

Before you even think about your decorative objects, think about lighting your home. A properly circulated light can give goose bumps to your visitors. Grow a subdued atmosphere decorated with some shadow areas created using candles, lamps and colored neon lights.

Once this aspect is set, you can embark on the making of your decoration with the big Halloween must-haves:

  • the pumpkins (and pumpkins);
  • the monsters various and varied type ghosts, skeletons, witches, zombies, etc.
  • the spiders hanging on their canvases;
  • thehemoglobin (Serve tomato juice and strawberry syrup at will)

The plus of your Halloween decor: if you have a girl, think about "diverting" her dolls with fake blood and other makeup. It is also an opportunity to get out of the attic old disheveled stuffed to the gloomy air of your children. No doubt about their scary appearance once matched with the right lighting.

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