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I read everything and its opposite about water softeners... corrosion of pipes, non-potable water I would like to have your opinion on the usefulness of installing such a rather expensive system on the other hand.

Water "hard", ie displaying more than 30° French, and therefore very limestone, may deserve to be softened, insofar as it may affect some equipment by excessive deposition of limestone. Nevertheless, it is never a harmful water for health. On the other hand, too soft water (less than 5° F) becomes corrosive, which can lead to micro-leaks and the development of bacteria in the pipes due to the presence of oxygen at these locations. In case of lead pipes (unfortunately still present in many houses, too soft water, so aggressive, may charge this very dangerous metal.) Some consider that too soft water could aggravate certain pathologies, including cardiovascular. water is too much "limestone", only a salt softener can significantly lower the limestone content of water.I remain always reserved on the effectiveness of "electronic" systems, supposed to keep the limestone suspended in the water... It is possible to modify the installation by reserving softened water for limestone-sensitive appliances only: washing machines or dishes, water heaters.

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