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I have just been approached by the Culligan Company for the hardness of our water on the Rhone. The hardness they found was close to 30° and therefore we propose to install a water softener. The argument is based on the quality of the water after, but especially by the savings of laundry, soap, calgon... and energy to heat the water through the scale. All these savings are estimated at 70 € for a family of 4 persons, which would make it possible to finance a softener of 2500 € in less than 4 years. What is your opinion on softeners but especially the level of economy put forward and difficult to calculate and verifiable by an individual?

At 30° F, the water is not very hard. Note that hardness of water is never a health risk. Limestone only precipitates above 60° C, so just adjust the water heater and washing machine below to avoid scale. As for the financial calculation that is proposed to you, it is obviously very commercial and not more verifiable than... "the age of the captain"!

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