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Healing a wound on a bonsai

The trunk of the subject that has been cut to the form: "size of an apple tree", carries a scar unsightly. This defect is also conducive to the development of a possible infection, viral or bacterial (chancre). He will therefore have to undergo a precise rehabilitation operation, a sort of plastic surgery, preventive and restorative, in order to find a harmonious aspect in keeping with the rest of its presentation.

Necessary material

  • Branch pliers
  • grafting knife
  • Sealant to seal
  • Rod

Healing a wound on a bonsai: wound

1. During the pruning of the subject's limbs, an unsightly scar was noted on the base of the trunk, the result of an ill-performed cut or untreated accidental wrenching.

Healing a wound on a bonsai: possible

2. Once all the cuts are complete, use the tweezers to slice flush with the surface of the trunk, the over-thickness of the lips of the scar. A useful precaution to take in this case, is to pass the sharp edges of the clamp to the flame or better, with a rag soaked with alcohol. (Be careful in this case not to cut yourself on sharp edges, normally sharpened like razors!). This precaution is of a prophylactic nature and makes it possible to avoid contamination by soiled instruments.

Healing a wound on a bonsai: wound

3. The cut should be as clean as possible. This is obviously the old cut of a branch that has not received the protection of a mastic or insulating varnish. We can clearly see the heart (darker) of the wood of the old branch, which has suffered from this negligence.

Healing a wound on a bonsai: possible

4. The cut made with the tweezers should be refined and perfect by a rounded size, which leaves the center of the wound slightly preeminent. This finishing cut will be performed with the very sharp blade of a graft.

Healing a wound on a bonsai: healing

5. The next operation is the most important since it involves completely covering this section with an insulating mastic. Apply the putty with a spatula or a piece of wood. Avoid using metal as much as possible.

Healing a wound on a bonsai: bonsai

6. This putty is a kind of varnish that prevents the wound any contact with air, water or dust, elements carrying bacteria. Not treating a large cut in this way, forces the tree to defend itself by forming, at the edge of the wound, these unsightly lips. The necessary nutrients that he uses for this healing deprive him of a harmonious development and the wound thus formed, in addition to the health risks that it makes him run, harms the aesthetics of his classical profile.

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