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We have installed a wooden veranda with an area of ​​28 m2 (volume: about 80 m ") This room is an extension of our kitchen became too small (15 m2), so a living room. Do you advise us as a means of heating? Our heating engineer has proposed an air conditioning inverter? What we are looking for is to have a good temperature in the winter and not to "suffocate" the summer. I am a fervent listener on your show on Saturday morning.

The advice of your heating engineer is good except that I would personally opt for a heat pump (heat pump) reversible, that is to say, a device designed primarily for heating and secondarily for air conditioning and not the other way around. Simply because it is always easier to open a door or shade a veranda to cool it than to heat it. A PAC air / air, which is not always very pleasant in an interior room, is however very advisable in a veranda where the air mixing avoids the condensation.

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