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Also known as an energy audit, the heat budget is a real decision-making tool and an action plan for any homeowner wishing to renovate their house and save on their electricity bills.

Differences between Thermal Balance and Energy Performance Diagnostics

Beforehand, since the thermal balance is often mistakenly confused with the Diagnostic Performance Energetic (DPE), it should be noted that it differs in several respects.

On the one hand, the thermal balance is a voluntary approach of each owner, contrary to the DPE which is obligatory to him to be able to operate the sale of a house. On the other hand, it constitutes a complete state energy strengths and weaknesses of each house, and concrete and adapted solutions, while the DPE is summarized in a more general information and the allocation of a note to the dwelling on a scale of classification from A to G.

Thermal balance characteristics

The heat balance is therefore a much deeper analysis that the DPE, and which especially provides concrete recommendations to each owner to improve the energy performance of his home and thus reduce its power consumption and its bills, but also to limit its greenhouse gas emissions, and in the long term to increase the value of his property for sale.

This audit covers various elements such as the insulation of walls, roof, floors and windows, heating and hot water installations, ventilation systems and the habits of each home in its modes of consumption. It is achieved through on-site visits, measurements, and various analyzes of bills, housing plans and other data collected.

The heat balance thus highlights and classifies the sources in order of importance. of energy losses, and proposes an action plan where every conceivable solution is prioritized and detailed.

Have the heat balance of your house completed

If software on the internet exists to realize by itself the thermal balance of his home, it is strongly advised to make call a professional.

Indeed, in addition to the reliability of the information which is communicated, for a tariff of 500 euros on average, a thermal design office provides a global service that includes, in addition to the audit: a quantified estimate of the necessary energy improvement works including the possible aid in terms of financing (tax credit, loans, etc.) and support for obtaining them, networking with the competent building companies and monitoring of the works.

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