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I am equipping my house with a pellet stove. The professional me on the other hand warned for my bathroom which would have a hard time being at good temperature. What solution would allow me to heat this SDB quickly on certain time slot knowing that my SDB has a floor area of ​​about 15 m2 (45 m3).

It is clear that a pellet stove will not heat all your rooms. One must be wary of the "one-off" solutions (only one stove in a central room) presented as miracles, but which lead to significant temperature differences from one end of the house to the other. It is a retrour back in terms of comfort. There is no substitute for central heating or the installation of space heaters. This being so, as for the heating of a bathroom, a simple electrical radiator blowing will suffice. The recent solution of ACOVA (radiator RÉGATE TWIST AIR) presented in our novelties (swiveling towel-dryer with auxiliary blower) seems to me an interesting solution.

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