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The cost and the significant energy consumption induced by air-conditioning devices easily explain that not all houses are equipped with them. But in case of heat wave, how to do so to keep a house cool? Discover our tips and practical tips to escape the sweltering heat.

Heat wave, how to keep a cool house?

Heat wave, how to keep a cool house?

Heat wave: ventilate the house at night, close the day

First reflex to fight heatwave at home: open all windows at dusk. If possible, leave them big open all night.

To keep this cool night, remember to close shutters, blinds and windows at sunrise, when a new rise in temperatures is felt.

Aerate and renew the air remains essential to avoid any feeling of suffocation in the house.

Heat wave: limit the use of electrical appliances in the house

Household appliances emit a very bad heat during hot episodes.

  • If it is completely impossible to unplug the freezer and refrigerator, however limit the use washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or computer...
  • Also prefer crudités and other cold consumables, so you do not use your hob and oven.
  • Finally, do not hesitate to replace your incandescent or halogen bulbs with neon compact bulbs.

Always fresh house: the fan used wisely

Warning: the fan gives a feeling of refreshment but does not bring down the temperature of your home.
Indeed, the sensation of freshness actually comes from the air flow caused by the device.

Trick: install a humidified linen or one ice bread in the direction of the fan blower. The evaporation of the water will bring a real freshness, which can even reduce by 1 or 2 degrees the ambient temperature.

Forethought, the best solution to keep a house cool

Repaint with light colors
Promote clear colors for your curtains and shutters. Unlike dark colors, light tones absorb neither light nor heat but reflect them.

Anti-heat installations
Windows with double glazing, wooden shutters, roof insulation, green wall on the west and south facades of the house or VMC with adjustable speed... all efficient installations for fight the heat wave in a house.

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