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The heat pump (PAC): economical and efficient for heating or air conditioning

The heat pump is a miracle machine: it produces 3 to 4 times more energy than it consumes! Clearly, when it consumes 1 kW it restores 3 or 4 to heat you. It is also the only device that can effectively cool a home during hot weather. Different systems exist depending on the environment where the pump draws calories: aerothermics (calories drawn from the air) and geothermal energy (calories drawn from the ground or from the water of a well) show their flexibility and their effectiveness. But we can also associate a mini-pump to a water heater called "thermodynamic" to produce domestic hot water very economically. Installing a dynamic water heater is particularly simple. The CAP can also be judiciously associated with the double-stream VMC.

  • T.One Aldes heating / cooling system
  • Heat pumps (P.A.C.)
  • Description of a thermodynamic water heater (2)
  • Installation of a thermodynamic water heater (1)
  • Heat pump (PAC): aerothermal

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