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Unlike the electrothermal heat pump that runs on electricity, the absorption gas heat pump consumes only gas. More efficient and more ecological, it allows you to benefit from various financial aids and tax benefits to carry out your project and install a more profitable heating system.

How does an absorption gas heat pump work?

The absorption gas heat pump is based on the same principle as a heat pump aerothermal since it allows a heat transfer from a cold source to a hot source. The absorption gas heat pump draws 100% of its energy from the gas through a condensing burner and 50% from a natural source such as water, air or soil. The gas burner, which replaces the mechanical compressor, comes warm up a water-ammonia solution. By evaporating, the ammonia will release heat that will be returned to heat your home. The gas heat pump runs on propane or natural gas.

The advantages of an absorption gas heat pump

The absorption gas heat pump is part of the most efficient heating systems even at very low temperatures. In the case of an air-water pump, the range is excellent and there is no need to use an auxiliary heating system. The water-water pump, on the other hand, requires half the area of ​​thermal sensors than a heat pump that runs on electricity. The absorption gas heat pump also has the advantage of being not very noisyto be respectful of the environment and to be reversible in the summer to produce cold air. Finally, it allows you to make great savings on your electricity bill.

Tax aids and benefits

Even though the absorption gas heat pump is a powerful and economical heating system, it requires have a substantial starting budget. Fortunately, there are aids and tax benefits that will allow you to reduce the bill. You can apply for a zero-rated eco-loan or deduct part of the expenses of your income tax as part of the Sustainable Development Tax Credit. It is also possible to take advantage of a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% if you go through a professional for the purchase and installation of the absorption gas heat pump.

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