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In addition to their performance, high-temperature heat pumps provide a real economic benefit to housing if they are chosen wisely. What is a high temperature heat pump? In which cases to acquire such equipment? Explanations.

What is a high temperature heat pump?

The high temperature heat pump is an equipment that produces both heating, fresh air and domestic hot water necessary for the home, be it a small or a large area.

After drawing the external heat from the soil, air or groundwater, a compression system heats the water distributed in the various radiators between 65 and 80 degrees; there are also so-called very high temperature models amount up to 85 degrees.

In contrast to the low temperature one, the high temperature heat pump works even in extreme colds up to -20 degrees for example.

In which cases to equip his house with a high temperature heat pump?

For reasons of profitability, the high-temperature heat pump is a device that is used to replace an existing installation, old boiler for example, in contrast to the low temperature that serves as additional equipment and is ample space for a habitat already equipped with a heating system in order of operation.

Indeed, the acquisition of a heat pump is an important investment, for which it is therefore necessary to choose the model having the power adequate to the needs of housing, neither more nor less. This avoids any unnecessary financial surplus when purchasing the equipment on the one hand, and any over-consumption related to the power supply of the over-sized device on the other hand.

In the opposite case, the acquisition of a high temperature heat pump does not really make it possible to save energy.

What are the costs for a high temperature heat pump?

When buying, a high temperature heat pump costs between 5,000 and 20,000 euros. Its price depends, among other things, on the power in kW, the temperature of the hot water outlet, or the operating ranges. Also, to the acquisition of the equipment must be added the costs of accessories (radiators, hot water tank, small accessories...), delivery and installation.

It is then necessary to take into account the operating costs of the heat pump (energy consumption) but also those related to its maintenance.

In some cases, the purchase of a high-temperature heat pump can benefit from state aid, PTZ or tax credit, for example.

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