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The water / water heat pumps are part of the heat pumps to achieve the largest savings, both from a financial point of view than energy. Nevertheless, these advantages in use should not overshadow the important constraints related to this type of heat pumps, especially at the time of installation.

Reliable and consistent operation

The water / water heat pump uses the calories contained in a water source near the house, water table or river for example, to convert them into heat. This heat is then diffused inside the house via a heating circuit by the floor or by radiators.

The system of a water / water heat pump consists of two main elements:

  • A generator, which will provide the pump with its energy start, and thus ensure its continuous operation.
  • At least a well dug to the water source, usually two, the first pumping water directly to its source to extract the calories, the latter being transmitted to the heating system of the home via the generator, the second discharging the water in his home environment.

The water / water heat pump is not suitable for all configurations, because it is recommended to install two wells for reasons of environmental safety, and because these same wells should not be too deep. Furthermore, his installation is subject to an administrative authorization.

In addition to the material constraints related to its installation, the water / water heat pump has a consequent, generally between 8,000 and 14,000 €. This investment can, however, be amortized in a few years thanks to the energy savings achieved.

Attractive benefits

It should be noted, however, that despite these constraints, water / water heat very interesting performances.

Indeed, because they use calories from water sources at constant temperature (between 7 and 12° C throughout the year), water / water heat pumps can be used throughout the year. the year without restrictions. Similarly, their coefficient of performance is very interesting, as long as the wells are not too deep.

Finally, the installation of a water / water heat pump is eligible for various financing aids: VAT reduced to 5.5% or eco-loan at zero rate, under certain conditions.

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