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We are going to build a BBC wooden frame house of about 130m² and we are hesitant about the heating system. The manufacturer offers us a pac air / water and vmc simple flow but I'm not convinced that is the best solution. Do you think that a pellet stove with possibly an electric supplement in the rooms is a better solution. Especially since the economy allows me to consider a vmc double flow and a Canadian well.

I am radically opposed to only installing a single flow ventilation, only to meet the criterion of tightness of the frame. I advise you of course a VMC double-flow, the only guarantor of good ventilation, also energy-efficient. Of course I am also in favor of the Canadian well, but will not it also be contradictory to the notion of sealing... When your heating problem, the simplest solution will be the best. The very principle of a BBC home is to exempt the house from heavy heating. A pellet stove will not it be oversized? An air-to-water heat pump with low-temperature radiators will certainly be a better solution, if not... simple radiant panels or heat-transfer electric radiators or heaters (but hush! Do not repeat it: it's not "politically correct"...)

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