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We are expanding our house and taking advantage of the installation of heated floors. Which solution do you recommend: electric heating or water heating coupled with a heat pump? Today we have a small gas boiler (insufficient for extension). Do you need a heat pump + hot water or only heating or do you have to keep the gas + electricity boiler? FYI, we plan to insulate the roof from the outside but the walls from the inside (budget reason).

An air / water heat pump coupled to a low temperature floor heating is a solution that is both ecological and economical. It draws free calories outside and restores them inside the house (for 1Kw spent the PAC restores 4kw). The heat is diffused homogeneously throughout the house with a good value for money. In addition, the installation of this type of equipment entitles you to the tax credit. But it is an important project which supposes a total recovery of the grounds with installation of tubes of diffusion of the heat drowned in the concrete slab.

The electric floor heating can be installed between the slab and the floor covering, either at the level of the screed, or even in tile adhesive. The investment is of course much lower. The efficiency is excellent too, but the cost of operation is obviously much higher than that of a floor "water", knowing, in addition that it may be refreshing if it is coupled to a reversible heat pump that does not can do a floor heating electric.

Two sheets are devoted to the electric floor heating in the site.

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