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Interesting thermodynamic system, the air / water aerothermal takes the calories in the air to return them to a heating system with hot water.

Aerothermal with an air-water heat pump

This aerothermal system is not autonomous, it requires the use of another energy in case of extreme cold.

Characteristics of this energy

Hot waterYes
Connection to a networkNo
Need additionalYes
Cost of installation

Heating: aerothermal: heating

Cost of operation and maintenance

Heating: aerothermal: aerothermal

Tax credit *Aerothermal air / water: 25%
Aerothermal air / air: 0?%

Air / water heat pump

Install an air water PAC

The CAP draws calories from the air to transmit them to a hot water heating circuit.
These devices are effective for houses with an area of ​​100 to 250m² located in climatic zones whose temperature does not drop below 3° C.
Their COP does not exceed 3. The heat production reaches 80% of the needs. This means that you can not save on traditional heating as a supplement.

Video Instruction: How Does a Heat Pump Work?