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At a time when environmental protection and energy performance are at the heart of concerns, heating and boiler manufacturers are constantly looking for solutions to bring you ideal thermal comfort while consuming less energy. energy. Bi-energy heating is a good alternative for saving heating and protecting the environment.

Bi-energy heating: the different possible alternatives

Bi-energy heating, also called mixed heating, is simply the combination of traditional energy and renewable energy. This allowsimprove the performance of your heating system when the first energy is not efficient enough with very low temperatures. This also reduces the overall bill since the second energy is renewable and totally free.

There are different possible combinations

  • Wood + gas heatingYou have the choice between buying a dual-fuel combination boiler or adding a wood-burning boiler next to your old oil or gas boiler.
  • Heating gas or oil + solarSolar energy is totally free, but it is not regular. During the night or during rainy days, the gas or oil boiler will take over and will be much more efficient when temperatures are low.
  • Wood + solar heating: it is the most ecological alternative because it uses only renewable energies. You can then make great savings and contribute to the preservation of the environment. In addition, you can benefit from the tax credit for both energies.
  • Electric + solar heating: You keep your electric radiators to heat you but by installing a solar water heater, you will save money on the production of domestic hot water.
  • Heat pump + solarEven though it uses electrical energy, a heat pump is much more profitable than a radiator because it produces three times more energy than it consumes. It allows it alone to achieve a saving of 70% on the heating bill. By coupling a heat pump with solar energy to produce your hot water, you will have the best mixed heating system using electricity.
  • Heat pump + gas or oil boiler: The aerothermal heat pump is not very efficient during the coldest days, it can be interesting to couple it with your gas boiler or with the fuel oil which produces a homogeneous heat whatever the outside temperatures.
  • Fireplace insert wood + central heatingWith this system, the heat produced by the chimney fire is recovered and sent to the central heating circuit to heat the radiators or the heated floor.

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