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Hello, have you heard of ionela? Heating by Electrolysis. It seems that there is a wolf below. Indeed, the company that offers me this system approached me by being passed by Ciel Bleu EDF for a free diagnosis... and just arrived of course they offered me for 20 000 euros this heating. The company is just over a year old. I think there is SCAM.

I know this system, without having examined it, having never been informed by the brands that distribute it. In principle, it seems that the system itself can work. On the other hand, we do not see why this purely electrical system would derogate from the principle: 1W restored = 1W consumed = 1W produced. do not forget that according to the good old Lavoisier "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed...". The advertised labels are purely fanciful and worthless at home, the EC being a simple authorization for placing on the European market and not a label of quality. They do not claim any labeling of the CSTB, the only one which is worth with us, nor on the NF mark delivered by the AFNOR. I do not think, moreover, that they asked for them... As for the announced prices they are purely astronomical for a system that the brands describe themselves as elementary and of a great simplicity.

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