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Although the annual price of gas has increased in recent years, gas heating still enjoys a good reputation for its value for money. But with the return in force of the wood heating and electricity, is heating with gas still interesting today?

Heating with gas: the principle

Gas heating is based on the same operation as oil heating: combustion. The gas will burn in a boiler, heating water that will be distributed in the pipes of the house, and be diffused through hot water radiators for example.

Two types of gas can be used to power a gas boiler:

  • natural gas (or city gas), which will be used by connecting the boiler to the tap.
  • propane gas (or LPG), that we go, like oil, store in a tank.

Heating with gas: what advantages?

The advantages of the gas heating system are not the same depending on whether you choose to heat city gas or to heat propane gas.

The advantages of natural gas:

  • Heating with natural gas could not be easier. It's enough that our home is connected to the gas network of the city, and voila: an ultra-easy use, and no installation necessary.
  • It is a very powerful solution: city gas heats up quickly, and well! The new boilers are very efficient, and ensure a homogeneous and pleasant heating in the home.
  • An economic system. Heating with gas is cheaper than heating with electricity. If we add to this the very attractive price of KiloWatt / hour, and the possibility of benefiting from a tax credit with some new boilers...
  • Unlike LPG or fuel oil, natural gas does not require no storage space.

The advantages of LPG:

  • Propane gas is an excellent alternative to homes that are not connected to the city gas network. It is therefore a very practical solution for houses a little isolated.
  • LPG provides efficient heating and good heating autonomy.

Gas heating: the disadvantages

Which says advantages also says disadvantages. Here are the main complaints that can be made to gas heating:

  • Heating with gas is an important investment at the base: it is necessary to count at least 2000 € for the boiler, buy the radiators and connect them with pipes (more than 6000 €).
  • Gas heating also requires annual maintenance of the boiler (and propane tank)
  • If heating with natural gas releases less CO2 into the environment than heating with oil, LPG heating is extremely polluting.
  • In some urban areas, heating with natural gas is simply impossible. Either the connection is not possible, or it will be possible but at an exorbitant price!

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