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Renewable energies have everything to please. Ecological, economical, inexhaustible, they are the future of tomorrow and invade your home. Whatever type of energy you choose, they are ideal for heating your home and making it a good place to live. A little expensive to set up, renewable energies benefit from financial aid from the state and subsidies from certain organizations.

Why favor renewable energies?

Long used, fossil fuels as fuel oil, natural gas or propane tend to disappear with environmental awareness. Indeed, fossil fuels emit a large amount of greenhouse gases and are expensive because their price is set according to the evolution of the market.
On the other hand, renewable energies, which come from the exploitation of the wind, the sun, the water or the earth's heat, are inexhaustible energies. Heating with renewable energies is heating up ecological, economical and comfortable. Know, moreover, that the thermal regulation of 2012 (RT2012) imposes to use a source of renewable energy or an alternative solution to heat any new housing.

What type of renewable energy to choose?

If you want heat your home in an ecological way, opt for renewable energies.

On the boiler side, the most ecological of all is the wood or pellet boiler. The new generations of boilers (condensing or low temperature) are even more efficient and help you achieve even more energy savings.

Heat pumps are also very popular because they draw heat directly into nature. The air / water heat pump uses the calories in the air to return them in water (or coolant) and thus heat a floor heating or hoses of your radiators. The ground / water or water / water heat pump draws energy directly into the soil or groundwater and warms the water flowing through the pipes of your heating system.

Aid to promote renewable energies

Even though renewable energy has many advantages for your wallet and for the planet, installing a heating system that runs on renewable energy is enough expensive.
Fortunately, the state has created grants to help you finance your project. You can benefit a tax credit and deduct a portion of the expenses from your income tax. You can also ask benefit from a zero interest eco-loan to finance any work that improves the energy consumption of your home.
By going through a professional, it is also possible to enjoy a rate of VAT reduced to 5.5%. Know finally that you can get grants from the National Agency for the Improvement of the Habitat (ANAH) and an energy renovation bonus.

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