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I will soon have a house built in a subdivision. I have two questions to ask you: - Which builders of single-family homes could you advise me? - What type of heating do you recommend for a house of 110 m2, semi-level with 3 bedrooms upstairs? (BBC house with PTZ +).

The good builder is rarely the one who will set you the cheapest project... Make use of word of mouth, find out about the achievements of builders in your area and especially, before signing the construction contract, make sure that the company is in good health and that it has its decennial. The certification NF HOME INDIVIDUAL is a good guarantee as well as the membership to a big group like the UNCMI or Maisons Française, which will facilitate possible subsequent recourse.

In a BBC house, the installation of a geothermal heating floor or air / water heat pump is a very economical solution in the long term. A wood stove or a pellet boiler are also good solutions.

Here again, a label, BBC EFFINERGIE, is essential.

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