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We have just done a veranda of 23 m2 and we want to put a radian electric heater or inertia? This heating is to prevent that the winter the temperature does not fall under 8-10° but in no case to have 18-20°

A radiant heater is not ideal because one does not heat the ambient air. An electric heating with heat transfer fluid or with heating body which mixes convection, accumulation (a little...) and radiation would appear more adapted (what is also called "inertia"). However, be sure to choose a model of power adapted to the size of your veranda. Then simply set the thermostat low enough to maintain the desired temperature. You will find our SHEET on electric heat radiators.

Another option that can be used in conservatories is gas heating, which simply plugs into butane or propane cylinders. The new models are safe and have good range and an adjustable thermostat to maintain your frost-free structure. It does not require any electrical installation and you can store it in summer. I am not very favorable to heating type "oil" (or liquid fuel) because of the water vapor that it generates and which will condense on the windows.

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