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It is simple to heat the fuel oil: just a tank to store the oil, and a boiler in which it will burn, heating water that will leave in the pipes of the house. But if in principle it is so simple, what about the advantages and disadvantages of oil heating?

The benefits of oil heating

Why choose to heat fuel rather than heat with electricity or wood? Simply because heating with oil has many advantages, among which:

  • The best surface / temperature ratio. If you have a big house and you live in a cold area, oil heating is the best alternative, simply.
  • A powerful heating system.... All models of oil heating put on sale after the 90's have a yield of up to 87%.
  • ... and that we can optimize. If you want to improve the efficiency of your heating oil, it is possible, and simple: it is enough to be equipped with a heat pump or to install a system of condensation (92% of yield).
  • A solution secure. Despite conventional wisdom, fuel oil is a very secure heating mode: fuel oil never ignites below 55° C. For domestic use at room temperature, there is therefore no risk if you decide to heat fuel.
  • A bet on the duration. Oil heating systems rarely break down and hold longevity records: 20 years minimum!
    In addition, to heat fuel oil is to opt for an autonomous system. The icing on the cake: if you are equipped with a new or recent boiler, oil heating is clean and discreet.
  • A supply without headache. Wherever you live, it is very easy to find or change your fuel supplier in France. There are no dependencies on networks in the regions.

The disadvantages of oil heating

Heating with fuel therefore has many qualities. But like all heating solutions, it also has some flats. Bolsters it is good to know before opting (or not) for heating oil:

  • A more expensive starting installation. If you want to heat fuel oil, you should know that the basic equipment will be more expensive than if we decided for example to heat gas.
  • A non fixed price. It's purely economic: the price of fuel oil is linked to oil prices. With the fluctuations that implies...
  • Storage space needed. Heating with oil, as well as heating with wood, involves having a necessary space for storage! It will be imperative to purchase and install at home an oil tank for the replenishment of the boiler.
    This tank can either be placed in a pit, in the garden (buried or outdoors), or inside the house. In this case, it is important to ventilate the room, because the oil can cause particular odors.
  • Mandatory interview. It is the law, which says heating oil said annual maintenance of the tank by a professional.

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