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    Sweat and Stove

    Sweat and Stove We just installed a wood stove in our house and our son had a "great idea" when the stove was working, he put on the glass, his sleeve fleece sweatshirt. The fiber of the polar melted on the glass, resulting in a beautiful black stain. We tried the products to clean the oven (nothing to do), we tried the product against the tags of the walls... I rattle because we invested in a beautiful stove that suddenly, is less aesthetic.

      Air conditioner bi-split or mono-spill?

      Air conditioner bi-split or mono-spill? I would like to buy a bi-splits air conditioner, but I would like to install it in mono-split with handyman friends. Can I buy a monosplit model and then add a second split of the same brand or do I have to install it all at once? The model I wanted is no longer available in my store at the moment and it takes 22 days to get it.

        Installation of an air / air heat pump

        The air / air heat pump is easy enough to install. It does indeed require little development and work on housing. This is why air-source pumps are particularly recommended for pre-existing homes. The conditions necessary for the installation of a heat pump An air / air heat pump can be adapted to any type of housing because it requires only a small space to be put in place.

          The skirting radiator

          As its name suggests, the plinth radiator takes the form of a plinth and settles between the wall and the floor of your home. A bit expensive to buy, it offers the advantage of being ultra-quiet, discreet and aesthetic. It can also adapt to the hydraulic circuit of your home and take the place of your water radiators.

            Canadian Well: The Feasibility Study

            Prior to the establishment of a Canadian well, it is strongly recommended that a feasibility study be conducted. The professional ensures that all conditions are met to install this air-ground heat exchanger system. Canadian Wells: A Preliminary Study To ensure optimal operation of the Canadian well, it is advisable to carry out a thermal study supported by an energy efficiency professional.

              Halogen spotlight

              Imagine a barbecue with friends on the terrace... We talk, we take the time... But unperturbed the sun, it continues its course and soon, the evening falls... It's time to turn on the halogen projector... And there, everything lights! The halogen floodlight, ideal for outdoor use Halogen lighting has been around for 50 years and remains today, the brightest while having excellent color rendering.